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Depilex Institute is one of Pakistan’s largest beauty training institutes with
internationally qualified staff. Some of the best makeup artists, hair dressers and beauty therapists in Pakistan all have their roots and foundations from this prestigious institute. Depilex Institute is the only beauty institute in Pakistan
that has foreign affiliations.

Affiliations & Certifications
  • Depilex Institute is affiliated with City & Guilds
  • Depilex Institute is affiliated with ILO skill Development

Depilex College of Cosmetology

A beauty salon’s success lies in the art and application of Cosmetology. Depilex on its journey to the top unfurled its umbrella and established the recognised institute ,Depilex College of Cosmetology in Lahore to teach and train technicians to be the best in their chosen field.The college combines classroom instruction with hands on training by renowned experts.The college offers a rigorous curriculum designed to meet the exacting international standards of beauty academia.The college has well equipped classrooms and also offers hostel facility for resident students. Depilex College of Cosmetology( DCC ) offers international certification thus making it possible for aspiring students to attain quality education right here at home.Further details are available at www.depilex

Professional course

  • Four and half months course
  • Recommended to individuals who want to professionally work in this field or open their own salons
  • At the end of which student gets three Depilex diplomas (Hair dressing, Make-up and Skin aesthetics)
  • City of Sunderland diploma is part of this course, if demanded a fourth diploma is given
  • All classes include theory, demo and practical
  • Cost for course: rs.250,000/-
  • Equipment kit is offered for Rs.65,000/- for this course (E.g. hair dryer, make-up brushes, products) students can purchase equipment themselves also
Hair professional course

  1. Hygiene
  2. Anatomy and physiology
  3. Safety procedures
  4. Consultation
  5. Wash and blow dry
  6. Roller setting
  7. Hair treatment
  8. Hair styling
  9. Hi lights
  10. Low lights
  11. Tint
  12. Cutting
  13. Recap
Make-up professional course

  1. Hygiene
  2. Anatomy and physiology
  3. Safety procedures
  4. Consultation
  5. Foundation application
  6. Contouring
  7. Day make up
  8. Evening makeup
  9. Party makeup
  10. Model makeup
  11. Bridal makeup
  12. Recap

Skin Aesthetics professional course

  1. Hygiene
  2. Anatomy and physiology
  3. Safety procedure
  4. Consultation and diagnosis
  5. Setting and product knowledge
  6. Massage
  7. Natural facial
  8. Peeling facial
  9. High frequency facial
  10. Manicure and pedicure
  11. Waxing and bleaching
  12. Recap

Advance course

  • Three month course
  • At the end of which student is given three Depilex diplomas( Advance hair dressing, Make-up and Skin aesthetics)
  • for individuals who are already in this field and have received prior basic training
  • all classes include theory, demo and practical
  • all topics are offered separately also
  • Cost of course: rs.300,000/-

Hair advance course

  1. Hygiene
  2. Anatomy and physiology
  3. Safety procedures
  4. Consultation
  5. Professional ethics
  6. Cutting
  7. Advance styling
  8. Rebonding
  9. Hair extensions
  10. Color test
  11. Fashion colors
  12. Color selection and correction
  13. Harmony and contrast
  14. Keratin treatment (permanent blow dry)
  15. Salon management
  16. Business development
  17. Recap

Make-up advance course

  1. Hygiene
  2. Anatomy and physiology
  3. Safety procedures
  4. Consultation
  5. Professional ethics
  6. Beauty aesthetics
  7. Advance bridal make-up
  8. Creative make-up
  9. Theatrical make-up
  10. Television make-up
  11. Avant-garde make-up
  12. Salon management
  13. Business development
  14. Recap
Skin Aesthetics advance course

  1. Hygiene
  2. Anatomy and physiology
  3. Safety procedures
  4. Consultation and diagnosis
  5. Setting and product knowledge
  6. Professional ethics
  7. Science of electrical treatment: insight to electrolysis
  8. In depth facial treatments (e.g. oxygen facial, aromatherapy facial)
  9. Body therapy
  10. hot stone massage
  11. aromatherapy massage
  12. insight to reflexology
  13. insight to holistic treatments
  14. in depth manicure and pedicure treatments (e.g. paraffin)
  15. nail art and sculpting
  16. Salon management
  17. Business development

Other professional short courses offered

  1. Salon marketing
  2. Nail art
  3. Diet and Nutrition
  4. Body Massage therapy
  5. Salon Management
  6. Holistic Treatments
  7. Reflexology
  8. Henna Design
  9. Hair styling
  10. Bridal hair styling
  11. Beginners makeup
  12. Beginners cutting
  13. Beginners hair styling
  14. Beginners skin treatments

Personal grooming course

  • Recommended duration of course: 7 days
  • Cost for one week: rs.20,000/-
  • For any individual who would like to learn how to style themselves better using their existing products
  • If demanded a Depilex workshop diploma is given upon completion of the course


1 week personal grooming course

Day1: demo and practical of day make-up

Day2: demo and practical of evening make-up

Day3: make-up practice

Day4: demo and practical of manicure/pedicure and natural facial

Day5: demo and practical of blow dry and hair style

Day6: demo and practical of hair style

Beauty Clinic

Depilex opened the doors of its first salon in 1980 in the bustling metropolis Karachi. A new name in the select society of beauty service providers, but with sheer determination, hard work, and dedicated leadership of its founder Massarat Misbah it is today a household name. The forty established salons across Pakistan cater expertly to its esteemed clientele and provide the best in hair and skin care. Depilex is today considered a forerunner in this competitive industry of fashion and beauty.


Beauty is the visible face of health and no one knows this better than Massarat Misbah .She added the health center under the Depilex umbrella of beauty services to further empower the women ‘s self confidence. The center offers a selection of programs to suit individual needs under certified instructors. Today’s woman aspires to reach the pinnacle of flawless grooming for this she has to achieve and maintain the balance of mental and physical wellness The Health Center shows you the path to attain your goal of radiating beauty from within.

Other Services

Depilex Men

Masarrat Misbah conceived the initial concept for the Depilex Men’s Salon in 2003. Having worked in the beauty industry for many years, she had a vision of opening a high quality men’s grooming salon. A salon where customers would feel relaxed, and where service and quality would be the order of the day. Depilex Men was professionally designed to the highest standards and is currently operating successfully in Bahria Town Lahore, F-7/2 Islamabad, DHA Karachi and University Town Peshawar. As part of the 30 year celebration, and under the guidance of the new Creative Director Redah Misbah, Depilex Men opened up a one of a kind salon in the heart of DHA, Lahore and fittingly named The Lounge by Depilex Men. The new vision is to extend the original concept and idea and create a space that is truly ‘ALL-MAN’! From the outset the focus was on customer comfort - relax on a bespoke leather sofa, drink fresh coffee, watch the latest sporting match on Sky TV or read the latest magazines in a clean, hygienic, and comfortable space. Only the best product lines are stocked including Label.M, Guinot, Dermalogica, Gilden Tree and the like. A keen eye for detail ensured that the masculine image and color scheme was carried through to every aspect of The Lounge from the coffee cups to the workstations to the wall color palettes. The staffs’ professional and friendly approach to the clients, and the relaxed feel of a truly comfortable space for Men, has been created at Depilex Men. THE LOUNGE AWAITS YOU!

MM Makeup


All women represent various ideas of beauty and create looks that make them feel prettier and more confident.
At MM, we believe that every woman is beautiful and with the right makeup and look can be a force of true power. Our expert color palette will enhance individual beauty and add to layers to confidence. To this end, MM brings a whole range of cosmetics, designed specifically for our skin type and skin tones by none other than the legendary Masarrat Misbah.

Personification of elegance, charm and confidence herself, she brings the same to those touched by her. Now introducing her personally developed line of Lip Varnishes, Lip Glosses, Blush-ons, Highlighters, Eye-shadows, Eye-liners, Mascaras, Face Powders and Foundations, every women can now indulge in looking great and feeling even greater! For quality assurance and consistency, the products are being manufactured in Turkey, conforming to global standards in cosmetic production.

MM is the first ever Halal Certified cosmetic line to arrive in Pakistan and will no doubt become a fast favorite not just because of the variety of products, attractive shades and fine quality but also because it is makeup that is simple, flattering and wearable.


Head Office Depilex Beauty Clinic & Institute

Building No 135, CCA , Sector DD, Phase IV, DHA, Lahore (Opposite to Kayseria)

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